OK folks, because of a few recent occurances, I've decided to place a few rules on this forum. If and when rules are added or changed, I shall modify this page accordingly. Bear in mind, I am the only person allowed to post here, so if you have any questions, please address them to me privately.

Here are the three guest moderators (Labeled "Henchmen") for this board:
- RoyalRanger (Video game specialist)
- TLEberle (Game show specialist)
- UsaSatsui (Random chat specialist)
Treat these people with respect, because they have the power to make your lives miserable. (A power they'll use responsbily, I'm sure.)

Please note: I have known these three people for a long time, 3 years at least. Coming up out of the blue and asking for mod powers will not give them to you; in fact, it'll paint a big, red bullseye on your back whenever you post. So don't ask to be a mod.

I'll try to keep minimal restrictions on what can and can't be posted here, but here is the stuff I will not allow:

1. Overbearing graphics/avatars/signatures
Please note that not all of us are blessed with DSL connections. Animated GIFs that are large in filesize or dimensions will slow down the loading of whatever page it's on, and unless they paid the money to become an ezSupporter, that'll cause a serious burden on their modem. Use common sense if you're going to upload a graphic. (This includes smiley abuse; those are intended to supplement your posts, not compose them entirely.)

2. Offensive graphics/avatars/signatures
Goes without saying. I want to keep this place clean, folks; if they can't show it on network TV, don't use it here. Violators will be banned.

3. Vulgar language/ethnic slurs/flames
There is a language filter on this board, and it's here for a reason. May I suggest "Fug", "Shid", and "Bish" instead?
Dodging the filter in anyway will result in your post being deleted.

4. Annoying type (l33tsp33k, ALL CAPS, ThIs SoRt Of ThInG)
We like to foster enlightened discussion in these forums. This sort of thing is annoying to read and often adds nothing to the conversation. If you're going to use it (as a self-parody, for instance), use it minimally.

5. Worthless topic revivals
If you have something to say in a thread whose last post was two months ago, then by all means, go ahead and post. Maybe you'll rekindle the conversation and we'll get some more mileage out of the thread. However, if your only contribution will be along the lines of "That's great!" or "Me too!", then you should expect your post to be deleted as soon as we catch it.

Some guidelines of what to avoid in each forum.

A. Game Show Discussion
1. I appreciate your enjoyment of the Rules Repository, but please don't post rulesheets in the forums. I don't use outside contributions and unless everyone else is a giant fan of Go For It! TV, I doubt the rest of us really need to know the minutia of its methodology.

2. If you feel like posting a proposal for a home-grown show or a revival, go right ahead. However, expect your show to be judged as if your fellow posters were studio execs who are looking for a new show to put on their schedule. Meaning that if your idea isn't airtight, it's going to get manhandled.

3. If you're discussing something topical, please include the proper spoiler warning in the topic.

B. Video Game Discussion
1. Discussing ROMs and MP3s is a no-no. Any topic dealing with it will be locked.

2. Please keep in mind that Video Game Discussion in and of itself is a pretty broad range of topics. If someone asks a question about a system/game you don't have, don't reply with "I don't know, I've never played that game/console before." That's a waste of time and bandwidth. If someone wants to w00t their horn about beating a game/DDR song but you couldn't care less, then don't post that fact.

C. Random Chat
1. Occasionally a discussion might focus on an area of politics. In which case, it is imperative that you treat all parties with respect. Even if you vehemently disagree with someone, it's their right to voice their opinion. If you're so put off by what they said, prove them wrong. But ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.

2. Certain topics are created simply for the purpose of post whoring. These topics include "2-word story", "talk about the person before you", "Let's see if we can get to 1000 posts!" and whatnot. These sorts of threads will be wiped off the face of the map immediately. If you're caught participating in this behavior regularly, you'll be labeled a Scrub for life.

3. If you're going to post links, do so responsibly. Don't link to things that may be considered illegal for a portion of our viewing audience to browse.

D. Front Page News
1. As it says on the tp, this board is only for topics which are introduced on the front page of the site. While you are free to reply to the topics at your own leisure, any topic I don't start will be erased. Take it to Random Chat, please.


If you're caught violating these rules regularly, we'll start by giving you a public warning (often accompanied with a lock of the topic). Further violations will result in a temporary ban (1-3 weeks) of your username, E-mail address, and IP number. If, after being reinstated, you continue breaking the rules, you will be permanently banned.

OK, I think that's it. Again, if you have questions, please E-mail me privately.
"You fool! There's no telling what the werewolf might do!"